17 Mar , 2017 Truck Driver Life

One of the best parts of being a Truck Driver is the opportunity to meet many beautiful places. This may sound very attractive, but it can also be dangerous and could lead to an accident if the you remove your eyes from the front of the road for long periods of time. Truck Drivers should keep concentration on the road.Checking your mirrors and blind spots is an important safety practice that professional truck drivers do regularly.

Truck Drivers should check their mirrors and blind spots in less than two seconds, ideally a second or less. Removing your eyes away from the road for more than two seconds increases your risk of accident. As a truck driver you should develop a regular scan pattern that includes left and right mirror viewing and blind spots. Always scan the front first before moving on to the next point.

There are situations in which a driver should look away from the road in the performance of his driving, such as looking for directions. In these cases, the driver must increase the tracking distance and limit their searches to less than two seconds.

Don’t forget that your security is the more important thing. Drive Safe.

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