3 Mar , 2017 Truck Driver Tips

As a Truck Driver how you can avoid the Truck Stops and Parkings accidents?

Some truck stop accidents happen when the truck drivers don’t leave enough space for the “tail spin”. The rear turn is a major problem when the trailer axles are forward.

The parkings are usually full of people coming and going. Remember that it’s still your responsibility to watch over them. It’s important that you, as a professional truck driver, keep in mind that these areas may be the perfect place for an accident.

Entering in a truck stop or in a parking:

  • Avoid distractions: Turn off the radio, put your drink in the cup holder, hang up the phone.
  • Use the correct entry: Don’t park your truck i an area that is not for trucks.
  • Drive at a safe speed and obey speed limits.
  • Turn on your normal lights and emergency lights.

View the area constantly:

  • Be alert to the reverse lights of other vehicles.
  • Pedestrians. Often walking behind vehicles or another truck may limit your visibility. Keep a watchful eye for pedestrians who can walk in front of you.
  • Look around buildings and parked vehicles, especially when you are about to turn.
  • Pay attention in stationary objects, such as posts, fire hydrants, irrigation systems, trees, etc.


  • Park in a well-lit place. This allows others to see it better for their own safety.
  • Don’t park at the end of a row.
  • Park in spaces in a straight line if it’s possible.
  • Lock your truck and make sure your load is properly secured.

Drive in reverse:

  • Avoid Distractions.
  • Park in straight line spaces if it’s possible.
  • Ask someone for help.
  • Avoid drive in reverse in your blind side.
  • Keep your eyes moving and stay alert. Don’t depend entirely of your mirrors.

We hope these tips be useful for you.


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