10 Feb , 2017 Truck Driver Tips

As a truck driver you know that the days can be very long and you need to stay awake and alert for long periods of time. In this article we want to give you some tips that will help you to stay awake and alert during long periods of time.

1. Avoid using bright lights at night

The contrast between bright lights and darkness can quickly tire your eyes. Try to use soft lights on your board.

2.┬áDon’t force yourself too much

A good truck driver knows when it’s wise to take breaks to make his energy last more.

3. Use your air conditioning

Maintain the cabin temperature low. This will allow you to feel fresh and a little more alert.

4. Listen music

Put your favorite music on the radio, and if you want, sing while you drive to stay active and awake.

5. Don’t drink too much caffeine

Coffee is basic for a truck driver, but too much caffeine can affect your health in the long run.

6. Avoid eating large amounts of food

If you eat to much, it will make you sleepy. Instead of this, eat small meals to the long of the day, without filling your stomach with large amounts of food.

7. Exercise!

Walk, exercise, and drink water in rest areas.

We hope these tips are helpful and help you to improve as a truck driver.


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